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November 10, 2021

Reality show about financial literacy set to take place in Philadelphia, producers looking for local cast

“Opportunity Knock$” will air on public television nationwide and will follow families as they emerge from daily money issues

A new reality show focused on financial literacy is being filmed in Philadelphia, and the producers are looking for local cast members.

On “Opportunity Knock$,” which will air on public television nationwide, a triad of financial advisors will help city residents with complex money issues turn their situations into economic success stories.

The group of mentors includes Jean Chatzky, a Philadelphia native and financial journalist who founded the multimedia company HerMoney, who will be joined by fellow financial experts Louis Barajas and Patrice Washington. 

The show will be hosted by Ronaldo Hardy, a veteran of the community development finance sector.

The show will follow families as they emerge triumphantly from their daily money woes. A primary focus will be linking families with resources available through local nonprofits and Community Development Financial Institutions, which focus exclusively on low-income and underprivileged communities.

According to the "Opportunity Knock$" website, 52% of Americans are struggling to make ends meet and 40% wouldn't have been able to make it three months if their income was interrupted before the pandemic, so the need for far-reaching financial advice is sorely needed.

Filming will begin in January and the show is expected to debut in September 2022.

Those interested in being casted have until the end of the month to submit their applications, which can be found on this site. Producers are looking for a diverse cast including a healthcare worker, a single parent, a military family and a teacher.

“Opportunity Knock$ removes systematic barriers keeping underestimated families from achieving higher quality of life and wealth building,” said Jamie Strayer, the show’s co-creator and executive producer. “Earning a low wage does not need to be permanent and predatory loan traps can be eliminated.”

Strayer said Philadelphia was picked as the show's setting because it has more residents living in poverty than any other major U.S. city. He added that it's also the epicenter of the community development finance industry and Chatzky's hometown.

Support for the show is being provided by the National Council for Financial Opportunities as part of its effort to bridge the wealth gap nationwide.