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November 29, 2015

Report: Tim Tebow dumped by model girlfriend over abstinence vow

Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe, breaks it off with ex-Eagle over 'lack of sex'

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow is reportedly a bachelor again after his girlfriend, former Miss USA Olivia Culpo, dumped him over his unwillingness to have sex.

Tebow, 28, famously confirmed in a 2009 interview that he was saving himself for marriage, a condition that Culpo, 23, grew unable to accept after spending two months with the Heisman Trophy winner, the New York Daily News reports.

Sources close to Culpo said that she and Tebow had a strong connection, but Tebow's unwillingness to have a revelation about his abstinence became too much for her to handle. Despite letters and notes declaring his love, Culpo decided it was best for her to move on from Tebow.

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Culpo, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2012, previously dated Nick Jonas, another high-profile celebrity who pledged abstinence and even wore a "promise ring" to hold himself to it. After a year together, Jonas revealed in 2014 that he had taken the ring off and reassessed his values.

Tebow, who has resumed his role as a college football analyst, drew support from many on social media who commended him for sticking to his commitment.

For her part, Culpo tweeted some apparent words of encouragement for Tebow.