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August 17, 2022

Saxbys rolls out new energy drink, sandwiches with expansion of student learning program

The coffee chain is opening cafes at the Community College of Philadelphia and Mount Saint Mary's University in Maryland

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Saxbys energy drinks Mate Spritz Courtesy of/Saxbys

A new energy drink line, "Maté Spritz," is now available at Saxbys. The company also is releasing Philly- and Maryland-inspired grilled cheese sandwiches in honor of locations opening at the Community College of Philadelphia and Mount Saint Mary's University in Maryland.

For those who need an extra boost in the morning that coffee can't quite provide, Saxbys is now offering a new energy drink line that might just do the trick.

The Maté Spritz features a bottom layer of zippy spritz that provides an instant burst of vigor, topped with a layer of energy tea that delivers a more relaxing vitality. The beverage comes in three flavors: OG Energy, Strawberry Rush and Orange Cream.

The vegan plant-powered spritz component is made primarily from organic green coffee beans and coffee fruit, while the herbal energy tea consists of cold-brewed yerba maté.

Maté Spritz started as an idea before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the company decided the start of the 2022 school year would be the perfect time to introduce it to tired students returning to campus.

"We originally conceptualized the idea of a cold-brewed yerba maté energy drink in late 2019 with plans to launch in 2020, but the pandemic hit and the energy on the college campuses never fully came back in 2021," Russ Wilson, VP of Marketing and Product at Saxbys, said in a release. "Now we're seeing our teams, students and college partners excited about coming back, and it is the right time to finally celebrate 'New Year, New Energy' with the launch of the Maté Spritz energy drink."

Along with the spritzes, Saxbys also offers energy smoothies in the flavors "Matcha My Energy" and "Buckeye Daily Grind."

The launch of the energy drinks isn't the only exciting announcement from the company.

The Community College of Philadelphia and Mount Saint Mary's University in Maryland are each getting a Saxbys cafe on campus. The Community College location is set to open Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 11 a.m. The Mount Saint Mary's location will open Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 12 p.m.

Both new campus locations will join Saxbys' Experiential Learning Platform, which allows college students the opportunity to run cafes. Students gain valuable leadership and work experience, while earning pay and academic credit. The program is already in place at schools across Philadelphia, such as St. Joe's, Drexel, Temple, Penn and La Salle.

To celebrate the new cafe openings, Saxbys is offering Philly- and Maryland-themed limited edition grilled cheese sandwiches: the "Cheesesteak Wit" and "Old Bay Tot."

The energy drink line and limited edition sandwiches are available at all Saxbys locationsMany of the cafes remained closed while universities were out of session for the summer, but they will be reopening over the next few weeks as students return to campus.

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