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Adult Health

The shrinking number of primary care physicians is reaching a tipping point

Primary Care Doctor


Cozy images of plush toys and blankets undercut messaging on safe infant sleep

Babies Safe Sleep

Adult Health

When temps rise, so do medical risks. Should doctors and nurses talk more about heat?

Heat Health Risks


Artificial intelligence may influence whether you can get pain medication

Pain Medication AI

Children's Health

'All we want is revenge': How social media fuels gun violence among teens

Social Media Gun Violence

Health News

As water reuse expands, proponents battle the 'yuck' factor of 'toilet to tap' practices

Water Reuse

Women's Health

Black women weigh emerging risks of 'creamy crack' hair straighteners

Chemical Hair Straighteners

Children's Health

Doctors sound alarm about child nicotine poisoning as vapes flood the U.S. market

Nicotine Poisoning Children

Women's Health

Once the new over-the-counter birth control pill is available, what about cost and coverage?

Opill Cost Insurance

Health News

As nonprofit hospitals reap big tax breaks, states scrutinize their required charity spending

Pottstown Hospital Nonprofit

Senior Health

The latest Alzheimer's drug may not help most Black patients, experts say

Alzheimer's Lecanemab Black Patients

Women's Health

A new law is supposed to protect pregnant workers — but what if we don’t know how?

Pregnant Workers Protections

Health News

Drugmakers are abandoning cheap generics, and now U.S. cancer patients can't get meds

Cancer Drug Shortage


How to negotiate with resistant aging parents? Borrow these tips from the business world

Aging Parent Assistance

Adult Health

Cardiovascular disease is primed to kill more older adults, especially Black and Hispanic people

Cardiovascular Disease Deaths


Mammograms at 40? Breast cancer screening guidelines spark fresh debate

Mammograms Breast Cancer

Adult Health

Young people are having less sex than their parents did at their age. Researchers explore why

Young People Sex


Remote work is an underestimated benefit for family caregivers

Caregiving Remote Work

Adult Health

Study reveals staggering toll of being Black in America: 1.6 million excess deaths over 22 years

Black Mortality Rate

Health News

AI may be on its way to your doctor's office, but it's not ready to see patients

Artificial Intelligence Doctors


Legal pot is more potent than ever — and still largely unregulated

Marijuana Potency Regulations

Children's Health

Philly children became far more likely to be harmed by gun violence during the pandemic, study suggests

Philly Gun Violence

Alternative Medicine

As ex-Flyers and other athletes turn to magic mushrooms, pain, hope and science collide

Cote Downie Mushrooms

Adult Health

As U.S. life expectancy falls, experts cite the health impacts of incarceration

Life Expectancy Mass Incarceration

Senior Health

How to grow your social network as you age

Seniors New Friendships

Adult Health

Social media is fueling enthusiasm for new weight loss drugs. Are regulators watching?

Weight Loss Ozempic

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