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Fall allergies can last through November, but there are several ways to manage them


As the days get shorter, seasonal affective disorder kicks in for many Americans

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Sandra Bullock's partner dies of ALS; here's what to know about the disease

Adult Health

Migraines can be worse in the summer; here's how to combat them


A little-known respiratory virus surged this spring as other illnesses receded

Human Metapneumovirus hMPV

Children's Health

Girls with autism often have subtle symptoms, making it easy to overlook

Girls with autism

Mental Health

People with 'high-functioning anxiety' often mask their struggles. Here's how to spot someone that needs help

High-functioning anxiety


How to tell whether congestion is caused by a cold, sinus infection or allergies

Cold vs. Allergies Vs. Sinus Infection

Women's Health

Ovarian cancer symptoms can be vague so listen to your body, doctors say

Ovarian cancer symptoms


Brain fog: What causes it and how to manage it

Purchased - Man with headache or brain fog


'COVID tongue' may be another early indication of coronavirus infection


COVID-19 sparks six distinct symptom clusters, researchers say

Six types of COVID-19


Six new COVID-19 symptoms confirmed by CDC

New COVID-19 symptoms

Digestive symptoms, diarrhea could be signs of coronavirus, Chinese study finds


Does zinc really cure colds faster?

ZInc Mineral Capsule 06262019


Harmless cough or something more serious?

Woman coughing at work

Adult Health

Symptoms of the most common STDs

Gonorrhea bacteria NAIAD 04192019


Apparently tons of Americans lie to their bosses about their allergy symptoms

employees lie to boss allergies pexels


This is why you always seem to feel more sick at night

sick at night unsplash


These 7 medical symptoms should not be overlooked

Woman measuring her temperature

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