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September 18, 2017

Three Philly-area companies rank among the nation's best for female employees

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Comcast Center Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

The Comcast Center in Center City.

This year’s Best Workplaces for Women rankings have been released by Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work, and three Philadelphia-area companies grabbed spots on the top half of the list.

The highest Philly-area spot on the ranking of 100 goes to Jenkintown-based Goodway Group, which came in at No. 14. Earlier this year, the adtech company was additionally honored by When Work Works with an award for exemplary office practices. 

Part of what makes Goodway Group so great for female employees, according to the report, is paid maternity (and paternity) leave: Following childbirth, women are offered 10 weeks of 100 percent paid leave if they have been with the company for at least two years. New fathers and adoptive parents who have been with the company for more than a year can receive two weeks of fully paid leave.

Additionally, the Goodway Group reportedly offers flexible scheduling, the option to work from home full time and health insurance that covers fertility treatments. The leadership at Goodway Group is reportedly split between men and women 50-50.

At the No. 21 spot is German technology company SAP, which has its U.S. headquarters in Newtown Square. SAP boasts flexible hours, options to work remotely and 29 days of PTO (with unlimited sick days) after one year of employment.

SAP’s fully paid maternity and paternity leave is 60 days; up to 14 weeks can be taken to assure job security upon return.

“We have made it our mission at SAP to build a culture that is inclusive of all, particularly during a time where headlines of discriminatory practices and glass ceilings are commonplace,” SAP’s chief marketing officer, Alicia Tillman, wrote in a recent company blog post

“We are all encouraged to take risks, to approach problems in our own unique way, no matter our gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, or race.”

Comcast also found a spot on the list, landing at No. 31. The company was celebrated for its on- or near-site child care centers and medical insurance that covers gender confirmation surgery as well as fertility treatments.

The list’s rankings were determined by 50 different metrics, including ethical leadership and respectful workplace interactions, and women’s rankings of their organizations for each. Additionally, results were compared with those of women’s male colleagues, as researchers also analyzed demographic patterns and representations of women for the companies.

Companies had to employ at least 50 women to be considered for the list.

To full the view list and methodology, visit Great Place to Work.