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August 15, 2015

Vinny Curry will play some 3-4 OLB for the Eagles this season

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081515VinnyCurry Matt Rourke/AP

Vinny Curry was a sack machine when he got opportunities to rush the passer a year ago.

Three Eagles assistant coaches -- defensive coordinator Bill Davis, outside linebacker coach Bill McGovern, and defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro -- verified today that Eagles DE Vinny Curry is getting looks as a 3-4 OLB this preseason.

"He has the ability to rush the quarterback on pass downs and we're just trying to get him opportunities at different spots to rush the quarterback so you don't know where he is," said Azzinaro.

"We're playing around with him out there," said Davis. "He looked good, too. He looked like Trent (Cole). We'll use him in a very limited number of calls at times when we see it fit right for us, because already he's jumping in at some different spots in nickel and dime, and then in the base if we give him a little 'predator' work."

Curry doesn't have much experience dropping into coverage, and the Eagles of course recognize that.

"He's just learning," said Davis. "The coverage, I can manipulate to where he has very basic coverage, or I can rush him more than he drops. But then the other offense knows that too, and the protection always goes there." 

McGovern said more bluntly, "You pick and choose what he does well. First and foremost we want him rushing the passer, setting the edge on the run, and then the last thing we want him doing is dropping (into coverage).". 

Giving Curry additional looks at OLB makes sense. A season ago he had nine sacks and four forced fumbles (along with a few more sacks that were nullified by penalties) in limited snaps. The more playmakers on the field, the better. Additionally, the Eagles are exceptionally deep and talented along the defensive line, while the reserves at OLB at dicey, at best.

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