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March 21, 2018

Philly-bashing YouTuber offers mea culpa Top 10 video

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Briggs Philly Two World According to Briggs /YouTube

YouTuber World According to Briggs has learned how to spell Philadelphia.

Earlier this week, we helped introduce Philadelphia to YouTuber World According to Briggs, a guy who likes to make Top 10 videos that review the faults and merits of American cities.

His first video on Philadelphia, "Top 10 reasons not to live in Philadelphia, PA. #2 is really bad," was really bad. World According to Briggs disparaged the city for its poverty, its pizza, its supposedly lacking vegan restaurant scene and several other mostly bogus arguments against the city.

We made sure to debunk each of the reasons not to live here and wish World According to Briggs luck with his future videos.

By Tuesday night, it appears, World According to Briggs uploaded a second video about Philadelphia: "Top 10 reasons to live in Philadelphia, PA. #1 is obvious."

In the interest of balance, World According to Briggs offers a rosier counterpoint to his previous hit-piece. We hear now about our wealth of museums, our affordable housing, our relative freedom from natural disasters and our great beer. Much better, World According to Briggs.