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November 12, 2018

This cauliflower chicken pot pie sounds like the perfect Sunday dinner

Or Thanksgiving Eve dinner or dinner tonight, even

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This healthier cauliflower chicken pot pie recipe needs to grace your table at some point this season.

Since we caught wind that a “wintry mix” could be coming our way this week, the only thing that is on our minds — aside from Gritty's governor status — is staying warm. And what’s a better method than eating to stay warm? 

Here’s a healthy, but comforting, recipe to help you get the ball rolling on staying warm.

We all know that cauliflower is basically a dietary superstar — it’s low-carb, gluten-free and vegan without even trying. And somehow, it fulfills your creamy cravings, without any actual dairy. For that very reason, this cauliflower chicken pot pie recipe from Genius Kitchen is bound to be a delicious and healthier take on the classic recipe.

One of the most alluring aspects of the classic chicken pot pie is it’s flaky, buttery crust. This recipes calls upon cauliflower for this part by using frozen cauliflower rice, mixed with eggs, Parmesan and seasoning to create parsley biscuits that top off the pot pie.

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Next up, is the filling. Unlike many favored chicken pot pie recipes — like this one from All Recipes with more than 8,000 reviews — you won’t find any butter or flour in this recipe. Rather, the filling features simple ingredients like shredded chicken, chicken broth, veggies, heavy cream and cornstarch to thicken things up.

The best part about this recipe? The only part that needs to bake is the cauliflower biscuits — after that, it’s smooth sailing on the stovetop. Which is great, because then you can dive into its deliciousness right away.

As you may have surmised, this recipe is completely gluten-free — so long as your chicken broth is gluten-free, which it usually is — and a few tweaks could be made to make it paleo as well.

This recipe takes an hour and 35 minutes from start to finish and makes four servings. Check it out for yourself here

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