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June 12, 2019

Chase Utley says he hates the Mets in L.A. broadcast debut

Former Phillies second baseman also reveals his favorite teammate during his 16-year career

Philadelphia Phillies legend Chase Utley is going the way of former teammates Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard, making spot appearances on TV. Utley joined the SportsNet LA studio show on Tuesday night for the Los Angeles Dodgers game.

Utley spent his entire career, on both coasts, destroying the New York Mets in ruthless fashion. His career stats at Citi Field alone have been so eye-popping that a section of the park was named Utley's Corner to acknowledge his ownership of the Mets.

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It's no surprise Mets fans despise Utley. When he appeared last month on WFAN's "Boomer & Gio" show in New York, an angry woman called in to berate him on behalf of Mets fans everywhere. Utley thanked her. 

During his broadcast debut in Los Angeles, Utley was asked about his feelings toward his former NL East rival. He clarified for the record that he does, in fact, hate the New York Mets.

Utley also was asked a few other questions about his playing days, including who he considers his favorite teammate over his 16-year career. The nod goes to Pat Burrell. 

Most professional athletes would stay away from nasty responses to leading questions. It's refreshing to hear Utley proudly announce his hatred for the Mets. If that's what motivated him to destroy them so often, there's nothing wrong with that.