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August 20, 2017

A conflict erupts over avocado mac n' cheese (something something, Millennials)

Recipe draws scathing reaction on social media

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Avocado Mac and Cheese.

Millennial-bashing, one of the great goldmines of post-recession phone-thumbing in America, took an unconscionable turn earlier this year when Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner, himself a millennial, blamed this generation's falling homeownership rates on a taste for avocado toast.

Young people had grown accustomed to a certain brand of cheapshot taken against their insufferably undeserved smugness, which is probably just misread anxiety and depression redeemed, resourcefully, as humor. But blaming avocados? What did they do to—why?

Never mind that, in addition to stagnating salaries, baby boomers are defying mortality and holding onto their homes much longer than some housing markets, including Philly's, can accommodate a passing of the torch. Never mind that avocados have these 12 proven health benefits. Millennials are destroying everything, even if everything sucks, and no better emblem exists for this regrettable onslaught than avocados.

An unthinkable thing happened late last week. A newfound crisis, a Millennial autoimmunity of sorts, found two of this generation's most cherished foods at war with one another. PopSugar Food writer Nicole Iizuka innocently published a recipe for avocado mac and cheese. Whoa! So what? The avocado—this is bad—nearly replaces the cheese entirely, save for a dash of goat cheese. (For the record, as all things viral go, there were tremors ahead of the quake: see here, here and here). 

People lost their minds over this. Things got ugly, and fast, after the Twitter account @TheFitFood re-posted a video of the dish,. 

Consensus: an abomination. 

There is a really simple solution to this: add cheese. Add as much cheese as you want. It's your kitchen. Do what you feel. All this avocado hate? It needs to stop. They're not going to take it.