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December 11, 2016

DeSean Jackson, to security guard who asked if he’s coming back to Philly: ‘We’ll see’

Before DeSean Jackson lit up the Eagles at The Linc on Sunday, there had been reports that both Jackson and his former team would be interested in a reunion this offseason, when Jackson becomes a free agent.

If you’ll recall, Jackson didn’t rule out a return to Philly back in October when asked about the possibility.

"I never really had hard feelings toward Philadelphia, besides being released by whoever released me," Jackson said at the time. "That’s different but, I guess he’s not there no more. It’s never really been hard feelings toward the city or to the team, the organization. But like I say, things happen, you move on, and I’m blessed to be playing at a high level."

Chip Kelly is no longer with the Eagles, so it makes sense that Jackson wouldn’t dismiss a potential return if the price is right (and that is key). During pregame warmups today, the Washington receiver was asked by a friendly face, a security guard at The Linc, if he was “coming back home.”

Let’s just say that Jackson continued to not rule out the possibility. Check out the video here:

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