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March 16, 2017

Eagles mailbag: Is Alshon Jeffery a 'Band-Aid?'

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During our weekly Eagles chat, there were a lot of questions that I couldn't get to in time as well as some recent unanswered email, so let's do a chat overflow mailbag post.

Question from Fippadelphia: Since Alshon Jeffery signed a one-year deal, shouldn't he be considered a "Band-Aid?"

Nah. If the Eagles had their druthers*, they would have signed Jeffery to a longer deal. It was Jeffery who only wanted to sign a one-year deal.

"We would have loved to have signed Alshon to a long period of time, but hey, he felt that the best situation for him was to take a (one-year deal), and prove the type of player that he is, and it allows us to retain his rights to have him here with the ability to have exclusive negotiating rights until free agency starts, and then also to have the transition and franchise tags if you choose," said Roseman in an interview on the Carlin and Reese show on Wednesday. "It gives us some leverage to keep him here longer term." 

When the Eagles talk about "Band-Aids," my interpretation is that they mean players who not a part of the long-term plan. For example, Leodis McKelvin was a "Band-Aid," but I don't think that applies to Jeffery.

Question from Mike: Since the Bears already franchise-tagged Jeffery (after the 2015 season), if the Eagles franchise tag him again, will the Eagles have to pay him the amount for a second-time franchisee?

When the Bears franchise-tagged Jeffery last offseason, that cost Chicago $14,599,000 to retain him. Had the Bears tagged him again, that would have cost them 120 percent of his previous year's salary, or $17,518,800.

If the Eagles were to tag Jeffery after the 2017 season, they would be able to do so at the normal franchise tag amount.

Question from Christopher: When /if someone signs Daniel - do the Birds recoup cap space due to the offset language I read about?

Yes, but not until 2018, according to Adam Caplan of ESPN:

The Eagles will only immediately save $1 million by releasing Daniel.

Question from Greg: Jimmy any idea on what the heck is happening to Nigel Bradham? The Birds could have some serious holes on defense if Bradham were to miss 4 or more games (due to suspension). Makes you wonder if Kendricks stays on board just because of that possible loss.

To begin, there's no news on Bradham and his legal cases, and there is certainly a strong possibility that he could be suspended by the league once his court cases play out in front of a judge. I will note, however, that four-game suspensions are the norm for violating the league's policies on performance-enhancing drugs, and, you know, non-performance-enhancing drugs. Four games is not the benchmark for other offenses, like beating up a cabana boy, or putting a gun through the x-ray machine at the airport. It can really be anything.

As for Kendricks, no matter what happens with Bradham, I think you've seen the last of him in an Eagles uniform.

* I don't really know what a druther is and why people use that word, but I thought I'd join them today.

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