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July 10, 2016

Governor Wolf will allow Pennsylvania budget bill to become law

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf said that he will allow the state budget bill to become law.

Wolf announced his decision on Sunday even though lawmakers are currently negotiating on a revenue bill that would fund the budget.

Lawmakers have until midnight on Monday to agree on a $1.3 billion revenue bill.

“If a revenue package were already on my desk, I would have been proud to sign it,” said Wolf. “If a revenue package is passed before midnight on Monday, I will be equally as proud to sign it then. But if the General Assembly fails to pass a responsible revenue package by tomorrow evening, this bill will become law without my signature."

Last month, Wolf revealed three provisions he wanted to be included in the budget: funding education, funding addiction treatment and reducing the deficit.

Wolf indicated that only two of those provisions have been secured.

“This budget makes historic investments in education that will bring us closer to restoring the cuts of the past and invests vital money to fight the opioid crisis that has struck Pennsylvania," Wolf said. "As has been said by Republicans and Democrats alike, this is a budget Pennsylvania can be proud of, and it puts us back on a path to fiscal responsibility and a sustainable future.”

Citing bills that enacted liquor reform and the legalization of medical marijuana, Wolf expressed confidence that state lawmakers would reach an agreement.

"This budget is another shining example of the effectiveness of that sort of bi-partisan cooperation—but we are not done yet," Wolf said. "We owe it to taxpayers, our children, seniors, and our most vulnerable to bring this across the finish line, and continue the spirit of cooperation that has made this progress possible. I believe by continuing to compromise, we can achieve that goal.”

Under state law, a budget can not be signed into law if it is not balanced.