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August 02, 2017

How to drink like a queen, according to Elizabeth II herself

The royal matriarch enjoys four alcoholic beverages a day

Not only does Her Majesty the Queen treat herself to her favorite kind of cake quite regularly, but Queen Elizabeth II also sustains a healthy midday buzz before finishing a reported four drinks of alcohol by bedtime.

Travel + Leisure recently brought much-deserved renewed attention to the fact that the queen, among her many idiosyncratic dining habits (no starch during a solo dinner, no garlic at Buckingham Palace), enjoys a drink (or several) at her noble age of 91.

She reportedly starts off with a pre-lunch glass of gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon, which was first reported by the Telegraph in 2015 in an interview with a former royal chef. 

During lunch, the queen finishes a glass of wine before her second lunch drink of a dry gin martini.

She sobers up a bit during tea time, but before bed, she will finish a glass of Champagne.

Earlier this year, Business Insider put together a comprehensive walkthrough (with pictures!) of the queen’s daily meals and drinks – check it out here.