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April 07, 2015

Local filmmaker launches 'Uncover Philly' web series

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040715_Uncoverphilly Cory J. Popp/

A new web series from Cory J. Popp explores the Reading Viaduct Tunnel in Episode 1.

Local filmmaker and journalist Cory J. Popp has a knack for tracking down the sights, sounds and beautiful dwellings of Philadelphia's past and present. 

Recently, Popp dropped by the shuttered St. Andrews Chapel on 42nd and Spruce streets to share the Ci-Lines string installation organized by Brooklyn, New York's Aaron Asis

Now, Popp has embarked on a new bi-monthly web series called Uncover Philly,  which will tap into the lesser-known wonders scattered around -- and in the case of his first installment, under -- the city of Philadelphia. 

Episode One takes us into the Reading Viaduct Tunnel, a 1.5 mile underground network that was previously used to ship freight out of the city. Built in 1893, the tunnel runs diagonally from 27th and Pennsylvania Ave. to 21st and Hamilton, intermittently continuing to Broad Street. It was last used in 1992 and has since had its tracks pulled up, but Popp shows how the underground space can still have a powerful effect on visitors. 

Check out the first episode below and subscribe here for future episodes of Uncover Philly.