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July 14, 2015

Police: Donovan McNabb driving at twice the legal limit

Watch: Former Eagles QB claims he's not drunk in arrest videos

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was driving at more than twice the legal limit when he was arrested on DUI charges, according to police in Arizona, 6ABC reports.

McNabb was arrested for his second DUI in 18 months on June 28 in Arizona. After rear-ending a vehicle, McNabb was suspected of being intoxicated, but police did not immediately reveal his blood alcohol level. 

Investigators released the results of the BAC test on Tuesday, and according to authorities, his blood alcohol level was .171, well above Arizona's legal limit of .08.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, a BAC of .15 is considered to be "extreme DUI." If McNabb is convicted of his second DUI, under Arizona law, he would face a mandatory 90 days in prison and a maximum of six months.

Videos published by TMZ Wednesday show footage of McNabb saying he wasn't drunk just before being arrested for DUI. 

TMZ posted two videos of McNabb's arrest. In the first video, McNabb claims he had not been drinking and that he had been using cough drops to remedy a cold, which he claimed was the cause of the alcohol smell on his breath. Watch the first video here: 

In the second video, McNabb is asked if he would like to undergo tests to prove he isn't intoxicated. He says no and is subsequently arrested:

According to TMZ, police discovered a bottle of tequila in his trunk during the arrest that appeared to be full. McNabb does say in the video that he had just driven from a local sports bar. 

McNabb has been indefinitely suspended from his role as NFL analyst for Fox Sports following the arrest.