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October 21, 2019

Lane Johnson says Eagles players are showing up late to team meetings, practices

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Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

UPDATE [12:20 p.m.] — Doug Pederson was asked about Lane Johnson's postgame comments, specifically how he can preach accountability to his players in light of the fact that players are reportedly showing up late for meetings and practices.

"Obviously, that message starts with me," Pederson said. "And I love the fact that they're talking that way and showing that it means something to them and it's important to them. And those are the little things that — you carry it over into the work place. If an employee shows up late or is not on time for certain things, there's consequences for that. 

"I'm not saying that's happening, just using that as an example from the standpoint of, that's a little thing but it can magnify itself in a game, meaning you're not going to pay as much attention to your assignments or alignments and different things. And that's kind of what's creeping in just a little bit. 

"But it starts with me, and that's where I get to control that message and drive that point home."

When Pederson was pressed about why people would be showing up late now, when their backs seem to be against the wall and they were facing their toughest test of the season, the Eagles coach backtracked a little, saying that he was just using players being late as an example and wasn't confirming Johnson's claim that players had indeed been late to meetings and practices this season.

"I didn't say they were [showing up late]. I'm just using that as an example," Pederson said. "It could be missing an assignment in practice where, we can repeat that play in practice but you don't get that second chance in a game. So, same way. It's where we all in this building, with this football team — and it's not a panic move — we just need to make sure that sense of urgency and accountability is there. We really on so many people just to execute one play, from me calling the play to Carson calling it, to Jim [Schwartz] calling it in to the linebackers and getting that one play executed, you rely on a lot of folks. And that's the part that we can't lose sight of."


The Eagles are in trouble — and those troubles may go well beyond their struggles on the football field. 

Following Sunday night's 37-10 blowout loss to the Cowboys in Dallas, veteran offensive tackle Lane Johnson revealed that things haven't been going smoothly behind the scenes at the NovaCare Complex either, and suggests that a day of reckoning could be on the horizon.

“Really, it's gonna probably be a callout session," Johnson told John Clark and Mike Quick during a postgame interview. "Everybody will be held accountable. Little stuff that slides during the week — late to practice, late to meetings, late to this and that. Stuff will be held accountable for. I think that will maybe creep into the games.”

This comes on the heals of anonymous player taking shots at both starting quarterback Carson Wentz and the front office last week as the team prepared for its biggest test of the season, one they failed spectacularly. Clearly, there's something broken inside that Eagles' locker room. And if they don't fix it soon, this team stand little to no chance of turning things around.

Head coach Doug Pederson is scheduled to speak at noon, and we'll keep you posted on whether or not he has anything to say about Johnson's comments. 

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