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October 15, 2017

Questlove makes 201-song playlist for Keith Olbermann following commentator’s Eminem tweet

Eminem’s freestyle tirade against Donald Trump got the attention of many Americans, including political commentator Keith Olbermann, who tweeted his praise for the rapper.

Olbermann faced some backlash after the tweet, as some followers took offense to what was perceived as the commentator's lack of acknowledgment of a long-celebrated genre meaningful to so many Americans.

The Roots’ Questlove responded to Olbermann’s “27 years of doubts” with a string of 23 tweets on Saturday in response to Olbermann, tweeting, “This more or less tells me who he is & who his inner circle is (as far as cultural influencers are concerned) but there is a deeper story.”

“Saying you ignored rap for 27years is basically saying you’re indifferent to the very black lives you champion on your platform,” Questlove also wrote among the tweets.

Later Saturday, Questlove unveiled a 201-song playlist titled “The Keith O Challenge,” writing on Twitter, “Dear @KeithOlbermann your education starts here w FUNK. 201 songs to absorb. More next month. Good luck sir!

Questlove's playlist is available on Spotify.

Though Olbermann has not specifically responded to Questlove’s tweets, he sought to clarify his initial Eminem tweet after he received backlash.

Before Questlove’s tweets, NPR music journalist Rodney Carmichael criticized Olbermann on Twitter, asking, “How much rap have you listened -- or ignored -- over the past 27 years?”

Olbermann retorted with his ultra-modern knowledge of LL Cool J and Coolio.