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January 12, 2021

Skincare tips for the cold winter months

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Many people love the feeling of a burst of cool air hitting their skin. It’s a refreshing feeling and a telltale sign of winter in the Northeast. Of course, lots of other aspects of the season are far less welcome for the skin: after a day outside, your skin can feel raw, and when you come inside, the dry air leaves your skin itchy and dry. Keeping your skin from cracking, itching, and otherwise feeling miserable is all about moisturizing.

Want to keep your skin feeling wonderful? Here are five tips you can rely on all winter long.

1. Moisturize

Even if you don’t feel the need to during other seasons, winter is the time you want to be consistently moisturizing. Frequent hand washing, dry air, extreme temperatures, and runny noses all take their toll; the use of a moisturizing cream frequently goes a long way toward keeping your skin feeling healthy. 

2. Use a humidifier

If you haven’t invested in a humidifier for your home, now’s the time. Heating systems, especially baseboard heaters or radiators, leave the warm air inside your house very dry. A humidifier placed in your room while you sleep will keep plenty of moisture in the air — helpfully preventing your skin from drying out.

3. Get out of the shower

What’s better than a long, hot shower or bath on a cool winter’s day? It might feel great in the moment, but those extended respites can actually be damaging to your skin. Despite being submerged in water, baths and showers actually wash away the oils that keep your skin hydrated. While we're not suggesting that you abandon personal hygiene, make sure you compensate for this removal of oils by moisturizing afterwards.

4. Wear sunscreen

Just because you’re not on the beach doesn’t mean the sun’s rays can’t be damaging to your skin. In fact, snow reflects sunlight just as well as the ocean does so don’t let the cooler temperatures fool you into thinking you have a pass. Make sure you put plenty of sunscreen on exposed skin before heading out, even on an overcast winter day.

5. Stay hydrated

Like sunscreen, hydration can easily fall to the wayside during cool weather. But just because you’re not sweating or overheating, it doesn’t make drinking plenty of water any less essential (especially if you’re fighting a cold). Keep drinking between three and four liters of water every day!

No one likes spending the winter in pain or discomfort due to dry skin. Following these tips will help keep you ready to enjoy all the season has to offer, from outdoor adventures to cozy evenings in front of your fireplace.

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