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Hot weather makes falling asleep more difficult, but these tips lead to more ZZZ's

Sleep Summer Hot Weather

Adult Health

Having a hard time falling back asleep at night? Don't watch the clock

Insomnia Sleep Tips


Millions of Americans rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, but doctors say they're a short-term solution

Sleeping pills


A good night's sleep can be more elusive in the summer – but there are ways to get better shut-eye

Summer insomnia sleep

Adult Health

A good night's sleep can be elusive for many people with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes and sleep disorders


How to combat insomnia with the Constructive Worry method

Laying in bed with hands over face worrying

Alternative Medicine

Insomnia denied as qualifying condition for Pa.'s medical marijuana program

Insomnia Medical Marijuana

Mental Health

One in five COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days, study finds

coronavirus mental illness study


Here are some natural remedies for dealing with insomnia

Insomnia 06192019

Health News

Several sleeping pills must carry new warning about rare – but deadly – side effects

sleep unsplash


The fascinating way weighted blankets work their magic

weighted blanket gravity blanket amazon

Healthy Eating

There's a new healthy-ish ice cream that promises to whisk you away to sleep

night food ice cream


'You disgust me' – examining the impact of verbal abuse on children



Five things preventing you from getting a good night's sleep

Person lying wide awake in bed


Here's how alcohol affects the quality of your sleep

Woman sleeping in bed


This scent, found in new body lotion, could seriously help improve your sleep



Penn Medicine: Mental dangers of sleep loss can be as harmful as the physical


How to fall asleep when you have insomnia

insomnia bedroom at night

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