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Ketamine has become an at-home treatment for depression, but some scientists say that set-up is too risky

Ketamine treatment

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The biggest health trends of 2023 may include journaling and eating kelp

Health trends 2023

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Amazon launches online health clinic for common conditions. Who will use it?

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Penn's virtual 'warmline' aims to improve access to opioid use disorder treatment among marginalized communities


Telemedicine vs. in-person health visits — is there a difference in care?

Purchased - Woman speaking with her doctor via telemedicine

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Telemedicine can help reduce racial disparity in follow-up appointments, study finds

Telemedicine Study Penn


Apps track vital health stats for millions of people, but doctors aren't using the data

Health Tracking Apps


IBX: The Cover Story Podcast — Talking Telemedicine

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COVID-19 pandemic displays inequities in telemedicine, Penn researchers find

Penn Telemedicine Access


The biggest health trends of 2021 – from microgreens to redefined gym workouts

2021 trends microgreens

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Telemedicine can reduce wait times for highly-sought dermatology visits

Dermatologist Consult Telehealth

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Health insurers are starting to roll back coverage for telehealth – even though demand is way up due to COVID-19

Health Insurance Telemedicine


What to expect from telemedicine

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Why you should give telemedicine a try

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Americans turning to telehealth services in droves amid COVID-19 crisis

FAIR Health Telehealth Tracker

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Social distancing efforts could spur suicides as COVID-19 crisis plays out

Suicide social distancing


Expanded telehealth services are needed as coronavirus spreads, Jefferson doc says

Telehealth Coronavirus

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Mercy Home Health program keeping congestive heart failure patients out of the hospital

Congestive Heart Failure Mercy Home Health

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Here's how to know whether telemedicine is right for you

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Walgreens, Microsoft teaming up to offer new digital health care services

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Telemedicine offers new health care possibilities – but payment challenges abound

Carroll - Telemedicine in schools


Six ways technology is making healthcare easier than ever

Medical Technology

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Hoping to see your doctor via telemedicine? Here’s a quick guide


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Jefferson will have 24/7 virtual health app during papal week

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