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March 31, 2017

WATCH: Construction workers claim they found the 'Jersey Devil'

It’s a rainy Friday afternoon. I’m waiting for my editor to finish with one of my columns, so – as I’m wont to do – I started scrolling through posts on Facebook and Twitter.

What happened next stopped me in my tracks. (Fine, I was sitting. What happened next grabbed my full attention. Is that better?)

Here's what went down: a Facebook friend posted “indisputable proof” of the Jersey Devil’s existence.

Accompanying that proof was a link to Cryptozoology News (current banner headline: “New UFO Footage”) and another to something called Disclose.TVA video posted to YouTube on Thursday, purportedly shot by a 32-year-old Pennsylvania construction worker – initials R.W. – somewhere about an hour outside of the city in November 2015.

This video shows what R.W. and his friend initially thought was “a massive vulture." It was anything but! 

They quickly discerned that this was a creature with “bat-like wings and goat features” and that vultures most assuredly do NOT have bat-like wings and goat features.

This is big news. 


Real, not fake.


It’s also quite alarming that something which purportedly occurred more than 16 months ago has just now made its way into my consciousness. I live in Philadelphia. We have a child. The creature could be nearby. This is troubling to say the least.

I believe that R.W. and his friend actually saw the Jersey Devil that dark, rainy night. 

Judge for yourself by watching what I believe to be definitive footage of the long-elusive Pine Barrens denizen.

The truth is out there, and they just found it. Seek shelter, folks. End times could be nigh.