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November 30, 2018

Watch: Gritty drained a half-court shot at a Rutgers basketball game

We are all Grittnesses

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Gritty three Screenshot/Twitter/Big Ten Network

Gritty is good.

Rutgers and Michigan State played a basketball game Friday, but no one cares about that because Gritty did a thing.

Gritty drained a half-court shot during halftime, which should be surprising because that's hard to do, but Gritty has ceased to surprise me. 

Gritty is the new norm.

Watch the shot here:

I struggle to think of things Gritty could do to surprise me. Can you think of things? Gritty could jump out of an airplane while cooking an omelette with only a lit match and it would make perfect sense.

There are perhaps two things in the entire world he could do that would surprise me: teach Markelle Fultz to shoot, and manage to fire Dave Hakstol.