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October 21, 2020

New Jersey man gives Wawa $300 in coins, wins free Shortis for a year

Steven Leventhal of Monroe Township comes out on top of sweepstakes

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Wawa Shortis Coins Source/Wawa

Steven Leventhal of Monroe Township traded $300 in coins to his local Wawa as part of the convenience store's 'Free Shortis for a Year' sweepstakes.

A New Jersey man will enjoy a year's supply of free Wawa Shortis after generously exchanging $300 in coins at his local store in Monroe Township.

In late August, Wawa launched a sweepstakes encouraging customers to bring in coins to help alleviate the shortage the chain has experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.

To enter the contest, customers needed a minimum of $5 of rolled coins to receive a raffle ticket. The coins could be exchanged for paper currency and a free coffee, fountain drink or ICEE beverage.

Steven Leventhal went the extra mile for the Middlesex County store at Route 33 and Butcher Road.

During the contest period from Aug. 31 through Oct. 1, he exchanged more than $300 worth of coins, including $100 in dimes alone.

“I came in the store and saw the sign that they needed change, so I had a lot of change at home and I decided to bring it in," Leventhal said. "I met Bill, the GM, who took the change and responded with, we need dimes."

Leventhal said he's a big fan of tuna hoagies.

"I think I'll be putting on a few pounds," he said upon accepting the prize.

“Wawa launched the 'Shortis for a Year Sweepstakes' as a fun way for customers to help out during the national coin shortage and ultimately ensure that everyone who shops at our stores still had a positive transaction despite the coin shortage crisis,” said Jason Read, director of store operations at Wawa. "While many retailers faced the same struggles we did, we’re grateful to hoagie fans like Steven who responded to our request for help and now in turn we can help brighten his year with 365 Shorti hoagies!"

A Shorti hoagie sells for $4.39, so Leventhal stands to possibly save $1,602.35 in meals over the next year.

Here's a live look at one of Leventhal's coin exchanges.