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March 09, 2018

Chris Long has side gig as drone cinematographer for minor league baseball team

Eagles defensive end calls it his 'most important career'

Eagles defensive end Chris Long is having quite the offseason. Fresh off a second-consecutive Super Bowl win, he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, appeared on late-night talk shows, skewered political pundits and waded into the national debate on guns.

All of that isn't keeping him from taking a part-time gig with his hometown ball club.

In a wide-ranging interview with SB Nation's Charlotte Wilder published Friday, Long touched on everything from dog masks to the Michael Bennett trade to beating his old team in the Super Bowl.

The whole thing is worth a read, but one interesting tidbit that sticks out is Long explaining the side gig he got this offseason as a drone cinematographer:

In Philly in October, you showed me some cool footage you filmed with your drone where you were blowing stuff up on your farm in Virginia. Any cool drone shit planned?

CL: I don’t have anything planned right now. I’m going to get this NFL team stuff figured out and then I’ll be able to map out my summer.

By NFL team stuff do you mean, like, your career?

CL: Yeah, I’m gonna get my career figured out, and then the most important career, which is drone cinematography, I’ll get that mapped out. I actually just landed a $250 job to shoot drone footage for this minor league baseball team. My buddy was like, want to shoot footage for the Charlottesville Tom Sox? And I was like yeah, I’ll do it.

The Tom Sox are a collegiate-level summer league team sanctioned by Major League Baseball. They actually won the league title in 2017. Long threw out the first pitch at one of the team's home games last season, and now he's apparently doing some contract work for them.

Of course, $250 is a miniscule amount of money to Long, who donated his entire NFL salary this past season to charity.