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June 04, 2017

CNN host calls Trump 'piece of s---,' 'embarrassment' following London commentary

CNN host Reza Aslan took to social media Saturday night to comment on President Donald Trump's reaction to an attack in London that left seven dead and many others injured.

Aslan, the host of the network's show "Believer" branded as a "spiritual adventure series," called the president a "piece of s---" as well as an "embarrassment to humankind."

The host retweeted Trump, whose initial response to the attack highlighted the nation's need for a travel ban.

Aslan also retweeted a statement from NBC News that said it could not verify a report that Trump shared concerning "fears of a new terror attack." The CNN host called Trump a "man baby that must be ignored in times of crisis."

The seven people were killed after attackers veered a van into London Bridge on Saturday night, then taking to the streets with large knives. Three assailants were killed. Twelve people with a connection to the attack have since been arrested

Forty-eight people were taken to local hospitals. The attack is the third of its kind in Britain in the past three months.

Trump later pledged his support to the United Kingdom, offering any help needed. 

The network cut ties last week with comedian Kathy Griffin for a photo depicting her holding Trump's severed head. 

Aslan was under fire earlier this year for eating human brain on his show. CNN did not respond to an immediate request for comment Sunday.