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July 10, 2019

Immigration rights demonstrators arrested during sit-in at Joe Biden's Philadelphia headquarters

Movimiento Cosecha wants the former VP to apologize for the 3 million immigrants deported during Obama's presidency

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Joe Biden protest headquarters Movimiento Cosecha/Facebook

Movimiento Cosecha, an immigrant rights organization, organized a sit-in protest at Joe Biden's campaign headquarters Wednesday in search of an apology for the deportation of 3 million immigrants during President Barack Obama's presidency.

Six participants in a sit-in at Joe Biden's Centre Square campaign headquarters in Center City were arrested Wednesday afternoon, after hours of protests and demands for an apology from the former vice president of the United States.

Movimiento Cosecha, an immigrant rights advocacy group, organized the sit-in protest at Biden's headquarters and was seeking an apology from the Democratic presidential hopeful for the deportation of 3 million immigrants during President Barack Obama's presidency.

The Obama administration's handling of immigrant rights and deportation was a topic during last month's Democratic presidential debates, when Biden defended the Obama adminstration's deportation policies.

California senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris, however, claimed that Obama's policies allowed the deportation of people "who, by (U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement)'s own definition, were non-criminals."

Much of the recent conversation around immigration policies and immigrant detention has focused on President Donald Trump's administration, but Movimiento Cosecha's demonstration Wednesday was intentionally focused elsewhere.

"Opposing Trump’s policies and returning to a status quo of silent deportations is not good enough," the group said Wednesday on Facebook. "We must start a conversation about what dignity for immigrants really looks like."

The idea behind Movimiento Cosecho's sit-in Wednesday, the group said, was to remind the public, and press Biden, about the deportation of non-criminal immigrants.

“We can’t ignore the fact (Biden) was complacent to Obama’s vicious deportation machine,” Catalina Santiago, media coordinator at Movimiento Cosecha, told HuffPost. “He is shamelessly ignoring the countless families he destroyed.”

The organization has issued what it calls a "Dignity Plan" for 2020, and made three demands of all presidential candidates: to end to all detention and deportation on the candidate's first day in office; to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.; and to reunite families separated by U.S. detention and deportation.

In response to Movimiento Cosecha's demands for an apology, the Biden campaign said it doesn't have a statement at this time:

Movimiento Cosecha was also behind a protest at Center City's Comcast building last July, when eight protesters were arrested during a national day of protests against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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