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September 20, 2017

More Cabrini doors defaced with racial slurs, days after first incident

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04272016_Cabrini_College_mansion Source/

The Mansion on the campus of Cabrini University in Radnor Township, Montgomery County.

For the second time this week, racist graffiti has been found in a dormitory hall on the Cabrini University campus.

The first incident occurred over the weekend and was discovered by dorm tenant Sennia Vann late Saturday. “Go away," followed by a racial slur, was written on the door to her room. After Vann alerted police, Cabrini released a statement:

“The University is fully investigating this report, and takes our student safety seriously. Cabrini does not tolerate any form of hate speech or racist language, and our priority remains to ensure our students feel safe and supported.”

On Monday, a student-run prayer service was held at the Catholic school in light of the incident, and two forums were planned.

Tuesday, the same hallway in the university’s East Hall dorm saw racial slurs written on two more doors. One said “Go away too” before the slur, similar to the messaging on the first defaced door.

No suspects have been publicly identified in any of the incidents.

“We continue to work with [the] Radnor Police Department on collecting evidence as we work to identify this person, or persons, who so blatantly go against everything we are as a diverse institution,” a Cabrini spokesperson told NBC10

“We’ve increased security on campus and will continue to do everything we can to identify the perpetrator(s). We are holding campus-wide town halls and forums for students to update them and answer questions about these incidents and next steps.”

In related news, a student has been identified in another racist campus incident, as The Temple News reports police have identified a male student as the person who allegedly placed bananas on a door handle on a campus building last week.

Investigations at Temple are still ongoing, but the act has been identified as a racially charged one. Other universities, including American University, have seen similar acts of racism using bananas in the past.

Residents of the Temple dorm room did not want to release the suspect’s name.

“What he did was wrong, but I don’t want to see anything bad happen to him,” one tenant told The Temple News.