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April 26, 2016

Killion claims Ninth Senatorial District seat in special election; Rep. Cohen out in Philly

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In a special election in the 9th Senatorial District, Tom Killion, left, defeated Marty Molloy in Tuesday's primary. Killion will hold the seat until January, with the two candidates expected to face off again in November.

Pennsylvania's Ninth Senatorial District seat, relinquished by longtime former Sen. Dominic Pileggi, will remain in Republican control, at least until January.

In the special election for the seat, Republican State Rep. Tom Killion of Middletown, Delaware County, easily defeated Democrat Marty Molloy of Nether Providence, Delaware County.

With all precincts reporting, Killion recieved nearly 59 percent of the vote, or 20,832 votes, to Marty Molloy's 41 percent, or 14, 560 votes, according to unofficial tallies.

Killion, 58, has served seven terms in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As winner of the special election, he fills the seat through the end of the year. It is expected he will be challenged again by Molloy, 39, in the November general election.

The Ninth District represents portions of Delaware and Chester counties.

Pileggi, of Chester, resigned the seat he had held for 14 years after being elected to the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas last November. He was seated in January.

In the 202nd Legislative District, Democrat Jared Solomon upset incumbent Democrat Mark Cohen, who with 42 years in the state House was the longest-serving legislator in Pennsylvania. Solomon garnered 4,980 votes to Cohen's 3,763.

In a very close race in the 5th Senatorial District, Democratic incumbent John Sabatina (17,009) is trying to hold off a challenge from state Rep. Kevin J. Boyle (16,337) with about three percent of the vote still to be counted.

Here are the results of other state races. All vote tallies are unofficial and as of midnight Wednesday:

In the 1st Senatorial District, Democrat incumbent Lawrence M. Farnese Jr. easily defeated John H. Morley Jr. Farnese received 36,352 votes to Morley's 12,686.

In the 150th Legislative District, Democrat Linda Weaver (4,154) defeated Steven Burda (1,444).

In the 164th Legislative District, Democratic incumbent Margo L. Davidson (5,139) defeated Sekela Coles (4,436). 

In the 170th Legislative District, Democrat Matthew J. Darragh (3,799) defeated Fran Nelms (2,958).

In the 175th Legislative District, Democratic incumbent Michael H. O'Brien (6,590) defeated Sean Sullivan (5,124).

In the 181st Legislative District, Democrat Curtis W. Thomas, the long-time incumbent (7,399), defeated Kenneth T. Walker Jr. (4,443)

In the 182nd Legislative District, Democrat incumbent Brian Sims (5,719) defeated Ben Waxman (4,975), Marni Snyder (1,962) and Lou Lanni (1,752).

In the 190th Legislative District, Democratic incumbent Vanessa L. Brown (5,048) defeated Wanda Logan (3,821), Ray Bailey (1,675), Darryl Thomas (1,563), Movita Johnson-Harrell (1,260) and Ted Smith (326).

In the 192nd Legislative District, Democrat Morgan Cephas (7,493) defeated Steven Jones (3,567), Lynwood W. Savage (2,444), Edwin Santana (2,117) and Jess Johnson (1,124).

In the 194th Legislative District, Democratic incumbent Pam DeLissio (9,021) defeated Sean Stevens (3,041).

In the 195th Legislative District, Democratic incumbent Donna Bullock (11,881) defeated Jimmie Moore (1,683) and Jamar Izzo Izzard (1,486).

In the 200th Legislative District, Democrat Chris Rabb (10,114) defeated incumbent Tonyelle Cook-Artis (8,622) and Bobbie Curry (2,596).