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Men's Health

N.J. Sen. Troy Singleton's goal – to get in shape before turning 50 – serves as inspiration for other men

Healthy Eating

How safe is aspartame? The WHO and FDA take different stances on the sweetener's cancer risk

Aspartame Safety Cancer

Healthy Eating

Intermittent fasting can be as effective for weight loss as counting calories, study finds

Intermittent Fasting Study


Dietary fads run rampant on social media; here's how to know whether the advice is legitimate

Children's Health

Weight loss surgery for kids and teens with obesity is becoming more common, study finds


TikTok's 'almond mom' trend calls attention to the dangers of diet culture

Almond Mom TikTok

Adult Health

Weight loss gadgets provide data to help consumers achieve diet goals, but it still won't be easy

Health monitoring tech

Healthy Eating

New weight loss treatment is marked by heavy marketing and modest results

Weight scale

Healthy Eating

You don't gain as much weight during the holidays as you might think

Holiday eating guide

Healthy Eating

A psychologist's guide to holiday eating

Healthy Eating

Is organic food really more healthy? It's difficult to tell

Is organic food healthier?

Healthy Eating

Intuitive eating: a 'diet' that actually makes sense

Healthy Meal Sensible Eating 04092019


Getting skinny by eating fat: taking measure of the keto diet

keto diet high fat low carb 03192019

Healthy Eating

The OMAD diet is the new eye-roll-inducing diet you should know about

meal pexels

Healthy Eating

The 'sun cycle diet' is the fasting-style diet to have on your radar right now


Food & Drink

‘Time-restricted’ eating could lead to weight loss, controlled appetite

Food and clock


Study: Diet not helping to lose weight? Try a day (or several) off



How to ease yourself into eating healthier (without going overboard)

Salmon with Salad Dish

Mindful Mondays

Food swaps you can make today for your health and weight



Five foods you should avoid eating

Woman eating popcorn watching tv

Mindful Mondays

Week 2: Two-week emergency diet & health plan concludes – and continues

Mindful Mondays

Week 1: ‘My two-week emergency diet & health plan'



Man-Fitness: How to get that summer bod


Is Soylent for people or cyborgs?


The 10,000 Calorie Challenge: Is competitive eating’s spectacle becoming mainstream?


Children's Health

Study: Body image issues begin as early as age 8

Child Body Image

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