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Popular gluten-free granola brand issues recall tied to glass, plastic, rock contamination

purely Elizabeth granola recall

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Nationwide salmonella outbreak tied to backyard chicks and ducklings

salmonella outbreak chicks ducklings

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IBS sufferers should seek a combination of therapies for best results, study says

stomach ache colorectal cancer unsplash

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Independence recognizes outstanding nurses


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Philly-area drug company execs among those accused of fixing prices

Unused prescription drugs

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Your Lyft or Uber ride may harbor more bacteria than you think

uber backseat pexels

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Scientists link ancient viruses to the chronic inflammation causing multiple sclerosis

Doctor talking to a patient

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Robotic health care is coming to a hospital near you

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery 05092019

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Instagram taking action against anti-vaxxers

Instagram Vaccine Misinformation

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TV ads for prescription drug must now include prices

Prescription Drugs Costs TV Ads

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This is how Coca-Cola is trying to control health research

coca cola research funding

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New 'jumping' superbug, resistant to key antibiotic, could be trouble for hospitals

MCR-9 Cornell

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Making a 'to do' list for trauma doctors

Drexel University Trauma Checklist Tablet 05062019

Children's Health

CHOP announces plans for new specialty center in Abington

Stock_Carroll - Children's Hospital CHoP

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First adult case of measles this year confirmed in Pennsylvania


Health News

Several sleeping pills must carry new warning about rare – but deadly – side effects

sleep unsplash

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Summer bummer: A young camper’s $142,938 snakebite

Copperhead Snake Head 05012019

Children's Health

Autism can be reliably detected months earlier than current screening guidelines

Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Study


A blood test may help diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome, study finds

chronic fatigue syndrome blood test

Health News

Microscopic robots could one day clean your teeth

Robotics Clean Dental Plaque Teeth

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Jefferson researchers develop novel vaccine for colorectal cancer

Colorectal Cancer 04262019


Pennsylvania drug overdose deaths reportedly dropped in 2018 or first time in five years


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First reported case of blood-sucking 'kissing bug' found in Delaware, CDC confirms

0323_Kissing Bug

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When is dead really dead? Study on pig brains reinforces that death is a vast gray area

Pig Hog Farm Animals 04222019

Senior Health

Brain stimulation may reverse seniors' memory loss, study finds

Memory Loss Older People Brain Stimulation

Health News

Regular cannabis users can require up to two times the normal level of sedation for surgeries

Anesthesia Sedation Surgery 04172019

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Penn Medicine treats two cancer patients with gene-editing tool CRISPR

CRISPR gene editing 04162019

Women's Health

University of Pennsylvania pilot program to offer free menstrual products on campus

upenn free menstrual products

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Pre-cut melon in multi-state recall due to salmonella outbreak

melon recall salmonella

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Pennsylvania to set maximum PFAS level in drinking water after EPA takes a pass

tap water faucet 03222019

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Candida auris: Here's what you should know about the superbug fungus spreading worldwide


Health News

FDA announces limited recall of Hunt's tomato paste due to mold

hunt's tomato paste recall

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Hahnemann Hospital lays off 175 employees, including nurses

Carroll - Hahnemann University Hospital

Health News

This novel nose job takes five minutes – and no scalpel

Woman Nose Face 04032019

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FDA warns public that seizures are a potential side effect of vaping, launches investigation

e-cigarette sipa

Health News

PFAS Action Team meeting to provide updates on sampling plan, hear public comment

Water Fountain 04012019

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Disney parks to ban smoking, vaping beginning May 1

Epcot Disney World Flickr 03282019

Health News

Temple Hospital first in nation to implant new valve into lungs of emphysema patient

Temple Lung Center Emphysema Procedure

Health News

3 Philadelphia dental offices closed due to unsanitary practices, possible infection


Health News

UPS teases new venture into at-home health care, vaccinations

Carroll - UPS Truck in Center City Packages

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California company recalling avocados over listeria contamination concerns

Avocado on cutting board

Health News

Tyson Foods recall affects nearly 70,000 pounds of chicken strips

tyson foods recall chicken strips 03222019

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