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Infectious Disease


Bucks County's increased COVID-19 cases tied to Myrtle Beach vacationers

Bucks County COVID-19


What to make of the new H1N1 swine flu with 'pandemic potential'

H1N1 Swine Flu


The U.S. isn't in a second wave of coronavirus – the first wave never ended

COVID-19 Second Wave

Mental Health

Quarantine bubbles – when done right – limit COVID-19 risk and help fight loneliness

Quarantine bubble COVID-19


Inhaled form of remdesivir may prevent severe COVID-19 cases, Gilead says

inhalable remdesivir Gilead

Health News

New Apple Watch features include hand-washing timer, sleep tracking

hand washing apple update


Herd immunity won’t solve our COVID-19 problem

Herd Immunity COVID-19


How to lower your COVID-19 risk while eating at restaurants

COVID-19 Restaurant safety


Philly sets July 3 target for COVID-19 green phase, outlines reopening plan

Philly Green Phase


Inexpensive steroid reduces death risk among severe COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone COVID-19

Health Stories

Former Tony Fauci trainee steering Jefferson Health through COVID-19 crisis

John Zurlo Jefferson Health


Face masks the glue to COVID-19 mitigation strategies, study finds

Face mask prevent infections


New Bucks County COVID-19 cases highlight risk of Jersey Shore gatherings

Jersey Shore coronavirus

Health News

Should you fly yet? Health experts walk through the decision process

Is it safe to fly?


Compare the flu pandemic of 1918 and COVID-19 with caution

Spanish Flu COVID-19

Senior Health

Systemic issues plaguing New Jersey nursing homes amid COVID-19 crisis, study finds

New Jersey nursing homes COVID-19

Health Stories

Rare disease researcher offers unique perspective on search for COVID-19 treatment

COVID-19 drug inventory

Health News

Antibody tests were hailed as a way to end lockdowns, but they're causing confusion instead

Antibody Tests COVID-19


How coronavirus contact tracing works in a state praised as a model

COVID-19 Contact Tracing


New Jersey reaches COVID-19 testing goal outlined in reopening plan

New Jersey COVID-19 testing


Is it safe to go to the shore this summer?

COVID-19 Beach Safety


Jefferson partners with Indian biotech firm on dual COVID-19-rabies vaccine

Jefferson Vaccine Bharat


Philly's daily COVID-19 cases 'dropping fairly rapidly' as city tops 20,000 total

Philly COVID-19 Dropping


Here's why a vaccine is needed for COVID-19 but wasn't for SARS

SARS COVID-19 vaccine


Philly surpasses 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 as city forms recovery office

Philly 1000 Deaths


'COVID toes' an unusual sign of the coronavirus – and an itchy one

COVID toes


Most people who recover from COVID-19 develop antibodies, study says

Antibodies test COVID-19

Health News

Penn model forecasts another 350,000 COVID-19 deaths by July – if every state immediately reopens

Wharton penn coronavirus model


'Happy hypoxia' mystifies experts in some COVID-19 patients

Happy hypoxia COVID-19

Children's Health

Kawasaki disease may be a COVID-19 complication for some young children

Kawasaki disease and COVID-19


Do-it-yourself cheek swab tested as next best thing to detect coronavirus

COVID-19 cheek swab.jpg


Quest Diagnostics offers COVID-19 antibody test for purchase online

Quest Diagnostics antibody test


Philly shutting down Liacouras Center surge hospital for COVID-19 patients

Liacouras COVID-19 Closing

Adult Health

Infants may hold the key to improving hepatitis C treatment

hepatitis C in infants


Philadelphia appears to be 'past the peak' of coronavirus crisis, health commissioner says

Philly COVID-19 Peak


Pennsylvania to reopen in three phases on a region-by-region basis

Reopen Pennsylvania COVID-19

Mental Health

Will the coronavirus pandemic make you a germaphobe? Probably not, but it may bring new habits

coronavirus germaphobe

Adult Health

Two antiviral drugs fail to meet hopes as COVID-19 treatments

Lopinavir not effective against COVID-19


Coronavirus cases may wane this summer, but don't count on warm weather to end the pandemic

Coronavirus Cases Summer


Temperature screenings mandated for some Pennsylvania workers

Essential workers masks


Some Philly-area hospitals 'near capacity' for COVID-19 patients in ICUs

ICUs COVID-19 Philly


Declining vaccination rates foretell an impending health crisis

New Jersey vaccination rates

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