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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Annual Condom Fashion Show puts designers' creativity on display while educating about sexual health

Condom Fashion Show Education Event


To prevent STDs, the CDC wants some people to use a common antibiotic as a 'morning-after pill'


Delco residents can get free condoms mailed to them as part of effort to reduce STIs

Condom Mail Service Delco


Gonorrhea became more drug resistant while attention was on COVID-19

Gonorrhea STD Illustration

Adult Health

Experts predict a rise in sexually transmitted infections this summer


Adult Health

STIs still on the rise in the U.S. and the reasons why aren't completely clear

STIs in US

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Discussing risky sex could cut STI rates significantly, new U.S. guidelines say

Counseling for STIs


Philly's STD rate ranks among the highest in the U.S., analysis reveals

Philly STD Rate

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Sexually transmitted diseases are still increasing in the U.S.

Women's Health

Grooming pubic hair does not increase risk of STIs, study finds

Pubic hair grooming does not increase risk of STDs


Two crises in one: As drug use rises, so does syphilis



The HPV vaccine is still super important — here's why

flower pexels

Health News

Rare, flesh-eating STD diagnosed in England



Health officials: Mobile apps could be linked to syphilis uptick in Philly


HPV infections plummeted after vaccine introduced, CDC study finds

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