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These secret safety panels will pick the COVID-19 vaccine winners

COVID-19 vaccine safety panel


Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine the latest to enter late-stage trials

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine


The polio vaccine's rollout offers lessons as America awaits a COVID-19 vaccine

Polio Vaccine COVID-19


Pitt scientists isolate tiny molecule that may prevent COVID-19

University of Pittsburgh Coronavirus


Free COVID-19 vaccines could become available later this year, officials say

covid-19 vaccine distribution

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AstraZeneca, Oxford to resume human testing of COVID-19 vaccine in the U.K.

astrazeneca resume trials vaccine

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AstraZeneca could resume COVID-19 vaccine trials next week

AstraZeneca vaccine clinical trials


With many schools starting online, vaccinations head for recess

Vaccines Schools COVID-19

Women's Health

Flu shots given to pregnant women do not increase risk of autism, study finds

Flu vaccination and autism risk


Why COVID-19 vaccines need to prioritize 'superspreaders'

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

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Trump administration, CDC urge states to be ready for COVID-19 vaccine distribution by Nov. 1

CDC Vaccine November

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Health care workers and high-risk adults should receive COVID-19 vaccine first

COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan


This is a good year to get a flu shot, experts advise

Flu Shot 2020


How to talk to vaccine skeptics so they might actually hear you

Anti-vaxxers conversations


CHOP doctors offer back-to-school safety tips as COVID-19 disrupts education

COVID-19 School Safety Tips


Philly participating in CDC pilot program on distribution of COVID-19 vaccine when available

Philly COVID-19 vaccine


U.S. scientists making coronavirus strain for potential human challenge trials

NIAID coronavirus strain


America’s obesity epidemic threatens effectiveness of any COVID vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Obesity

Senior Health

Flu and pneumonia vaccines may reduce Alzheimer's disease risk

Flu shot Alzheimer's


Could employers and states mandate COVID-19 vaccinations?

Vaccine State mandate


Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in early results

Oxford coronavirus vaccine

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Mütter Museum artifacts shine light on Civil War-era smallpox vaccine

Mutter Museum Smallpox


Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine moves to final phase of testing

Moderna COVID-19 Update


Herd immunity won’t solve our COVID-19 problem

Herd Immunity COVID-19


Cancer immunotherapy research could aid COVID-19 vaccine development

CHOP Vaccine COVID-19


Jefferson partners with Indian biotech firm on dual COVID-19-rabies vaccine

Jefferson Vaccine Bharat


Moderna's coronavirus vaccine shows promise in first human trial

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine


Here's why a vaccine is needed for COVID-19 but wasn't for SARS

SARS COVID-19 vaccine

Children's Health

As vaccinations fall amid coronavirus pandemic, longterm concerns rise

Childhood vaccines


What needs to go right to get a coronavirus vaccine in 12-18 months

COVID-19 Vaccine Development


Declining vaccination rates foretell an impending health crisis

New Jersey vaccination rates


COVID-19 treatments are urgently needed, but clinical trials take time – by design

Clinical Trials Vaccine COVID-19

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Coronavirus vaccine backed by Bill Gates enters human testing on Penn volunteers

vaccine coronavirus human testng


Jefferson scientists tout dual COVID-19-rabies vaccine to meet 'unprecedented' scale of pandemic

COVID-19 Rabies Vaccine


Promising COVID-19 vaccine candidate from Pennsylvania researchers could be fast-tracked for clinical trials

Coronavirus Vaccine UMPC


Penn microbiologist explains why some coronaviruses are more deadly than others

Coronavirus Times Square advertisement


The current flu shot appears more effective than last season's vaccine

Flu vaccine


Vaccine misinformation runs rampant on social media – and it's resilient

Social media vaccine misinformation


How to convince your loved ones to get the flu shot

Flu shot cost


Six months after Philly's hepatitis A outbreak, cases have dropped sharply

Philly health department response to Hepatitis A outbreak

Children's Health

New Jersey bill to end religious exemption from childhood vaccines collapses in Senate

childhood vaccinations

Senior Health

An Alzheimer's vaccine could be ready for human trials within 2 years

Alzheimer's vaccine

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