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Why won't more older Americans get their COVID-19 booster shots?

Senior covid booster


Moderna says redesigned COVID-19 vaccine offers stronger protection against variants

Moderna bivalent COVID candidate

Mental Health

Mental illnesses may increase risk for COVID-19 breakthrough cases, study finds

mental health breakthrough covid


Do you need a second booster shot? An epidemiologist scoured the latest research and has some answers

Second COVID-19 Booster


A single dose of the HPV vaccine may provide ample protection, study finds

HPV vaccination


Philly residents urged to mask up indoors amid uptick in COVID-19 cases

Philadelphia COVID-19 masks


Tomorrow's COVID safety guidelines will be different from today's – but that doesn't mean yesterday's were wrong

COVID-19 Mask Requirement


For people who had COVID-19, it only takes one vaccine dose to spur immune response, Temple study finds

COVID-19 vaccine antibody


FDA authorizes second COVID-19 booster shots for older adults

Second COVID-19 booster


Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine is effective in young children

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine


Pfizer CEO pushes yearly shots for COVID-19. Not so fast, experts say

Pfizer CEO Vaccines


Pfizer asks the FDA to authorize a second COVID-19 booster for seniors

Pfizer COVID-19 booster


The search for an HIV vaccine continues with a clinical trial partly based in Philly

HIV vaccine mRNA


Fewer Philadelphians are vaccinated against COVID-19 than previously reported, city says

Philly COVID-19 vaccine data


Philly ends COVID-19 mask mandate for most indoor spaces

Philly Mask Mandate Lifted


Philadelphia's employee COVID-19 vaccine requirement delayed indefinitely

Philadelphia COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Children's Health

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine less effective among children ages 5-11, study finds

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine


How long does protective immunity against COVID-19 last after infection or vaccination? Two immunologists explain

COVID Vaccine Immunity

Women's Health

Why pregnant people were left behind while vaccines moved at ‘warp speed’ to help the masses

Pregnant Women COVID-19 vaccines


Some people should wait 8 weeks between COVID-19 shots, CDC says

CDC Vaccine Guidance


Does scaring people work when it comes to health messaging?

COVID-19 Health Messaging

Social Media

Philly's Department of Public Health calls out Nicki Minaj on Twitter over prior COVID-19 vaccine posts

Nicki Minaj Vaccine

Health Stories

Teen traveled to Philly to get vaccinated against his parents' wishes

Vaccine Consent Philly


Philly offering $100 gift cards to residents who get fully vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccine gift cards

Women's Health

Getting vaccinated while pregnant helps protect babies from COVID-19, CDC says

COVID-19 antibodies newborns


Philly removes vaccine mandate for indoor dining; masks still required

Philly Vaccine Mandate


Head of Philly Fighting COVID banned from doing business in Pennsylvania for 10 years

Philly Fighting COVID Settlement


Pfizer, FDA delay timeline for COVID-19 vaccines for young children

Vaccine Delay Kids

Men's Health

A healthy lifestyle provides many benefits – like a boosted immune system

Healthy Lifestyles Immune System


COVID-19 vaccines for young children may be just a few weeks away

COVID-19 Vaccine Young Children

Health News

COVID-19 vaccines do not have a negative impact on fertility, study finds

Vaccine Fertility


Philadelphia police officers must begin COVID-19 vaccination process by Feb. 11

Philadelphia COVID-19 vaccine requirement


Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine fully approved by FDA

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine


COVID-19 cases falling in Philly, but omicron transmission remains high

COVID-19 Transmission Philly


COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy has dropped faster among Black people than white people, study finds

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Children's Health

School District of Philadelphia, Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium team up for vaccine clinics

Philly Schools Vaccine Clinics

Children's Health

As omicron surges, effort to vaccinate young children stalls

Child COVID-19 Vaccines


The common cold may help scientists develop better COVID-19 vaccines

Common cold symptoms


CHOP updates COVID-19 guidance, says schools should 'prioritize' in-person learning during omicron surge

COVID in Schools


These are some tips for proving you're vaccinated when going out in Philly

Philly ways to prove vaccination


Is a fourth COVID-19 shot necessary? Health experts have mixed opinions

Fourth COVID-19 shots

Arts & Culture

More Philly museums requiring visitors to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Philadelphia museums COVID-19 vaccine requirements

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