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April 23, 2016

Temple's Tamron Hall: I lost one of my best friends in Prince

NBC host says she spoke to artist just days before his death

Broadcaster and Temple graduate Tamron Hall called musical icon Prince one of her "best friends" while mourning his passing Friday.

Hall, 45, called into NBC's "Today" show – which she co-hosts — to explain she had spoken to the artist shortly before he died, sharing a touching conversation they had and saying she had no idea it would be the last time they spoke. Per "Today":

"We talked for hours Monday and I said he did not sound sick. He assured me he was okay. All Saturday he kept saying he was fine and asked me to come to Paisley to see his new piano and for a fan party. I was working and didn't go. Monday, we exchanged emails after I sent him a video from a restaurant playing a song. I talked about how he was everywhere I go. It was a sweet moment and I had no idea it would be our last time talking. I never imagined it."

Authorities have not determined an official cause of death for Prince, who died in his home Thursday at the age of 57, and one is not expected for several weeks. An autopsy was conducted Friday.

Hall, who was named to Temple's Board of Trustees last year, also took to Twitter following the news of the musician's death, calling him one of her best friends.

She told "Today" that before he died, the only person she spoke to more often than Prince was her mother.