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December 06, 2018

Here are the Top 20 animal-related tweets of 2018

Leave it to our furry friends (and foes) to make social media a happier place

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Anybody know the WiFi password in here?

With a single tweet (that turned into hundreds of thousands of tweets) earlier this month, Sully the Service Dog – and his commitment to the late President George H.W. Bush – showed the impact that pooches and other animals can have across Twitter.

The image of Sully laying before Bush’s casket is one that will resonate, even long after contrarian haters wasted their time chiding folks who connected with it.

However, that’s not the only really cute or cool tweet involving our non-human companions. 

No sir-ee Bob. 

In this Tweets of the Year installment, let’s take a look at some other memorable ones (in no particular order, but most notably excluding PETA’s call regarding mean-word-ism). If we missed some, by all means share them in the comments section. Also, in the spirit of fair warning, one of these tweets drew an NSFW tag on account of profanity.

There is no such thing as enough good-pet/wild-animal/rodent/singing-fossils content.

(Oh yeah, be sure to check back on Friday and Monday for other Tweets of the Year lists.)

13/10. Great pup superzoom.

Cleanliness is godliness.

The hero we don’t deserve (but that pup sure did).

Good thing this biased cat ain’t on the jury.

Baby Hippo Alert!

Screaming Cowboys (Cenozoic Era Edition).

In which Putin saves a pup from pain.

Best non-Gritty Halloween costume award goes to…

Who’s a good trainer? Oh yes you are!

Makes you think.

Pizza Rat Deux.

Quite an image.

There’s no allegedly about it. (Please don’t sue us, seagull.)

It’s the pigeon’s kitchen now. Move along.


The only logical conclusion. (And also one that warrants an NSFW tag for profanity.)

Dog-park etiquette across Philly.



Hang in there!

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