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December 06, 2018

Here are 50 great (but not the best) tweets from 2018

This installment of the annual Twitter roundup qualifies as the honorable mention part of the series

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Snooki, the cast of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and Center City Sips brawls all made their way into the best tweets of 2018 files.

All tweets aren’t the best tweets, but many are very, very good. It seems unfair to let those which don’t qualify for the Top 20 to just fall to the wayside, though.

To that end, in advance of the best-of-the-best post from later this week, we now hereby present the honorable mention tweets.

They’re funny. They’re serious. They’re everything in between.

Some are also NSFW, so don't wake the kids. 

With the social-media site’s constant churn, it’s safe to predict that we missed some. So, when all’s said and done with a week-long series, send them along so we can revel in them together.

And away we go with the noteworthy non-Top 20 tweets of the calendar year 2018. (Be sure to check back on Monday for the Top 20 tweets of the year post.)

The Gang Performs “Tusk” with the USC Marching Band.

Antifa prime.

When menus blow our minds.

HughE with the cryptic shade.

Make some room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

RIP, Ariel.

Snooki is an American treasure.

Dad bods rule.

Britney Part I.

Britney Part II.

‘The gorillas aren’t fighting.’

And then he uninvited them from the White House ceremony...

Drag him.

Happy Kids Part I.

Happy Kids Part II.

Unhappy mothers.

Mind. Blown.

Spelling is important.

Cool, cool.

Too soon to talk about guns?

New year, new us.

New year, old Sips brawls.

All I said was Cadbury cream eggs suck, rabbit.

Dark humor.

Voter fraud (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)

Dancing people on both sides.

Tough choice.

The bell tolls for they.

He would’ve gotten away with it…

Sleep number, zero.

RIP, hero.

In which a lib owns miniature-golf enthusiasts.

Funny ‘cause it’s true.


Fans of “The Wire” will get this one.

Read the room better, Michael.

Great shots.

Deep in thought.

Brand sass.


In-house wit.

Fam, you’re dissing your wife’s boss.

Diving right on into those DMs.

Keeping it real Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Part V.

Part VI.

The sun'll come out...

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