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December 06, 2018

Here are the best Philly sports tweets of 2018 (feat. Gritty)

We'll remember this year for a long time, both for the Super Bowl win and the social-media excellence

When historians try to tell the story of Philadelphia in 2018, the tale will largely be viewed through the lens of sports.

As in, hey, that was the year that the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 over the New England Patriots (a game in which backup quarterback Nick Foles caught a “Philly Special” touchdown).

And the year that its people became obsessed – whether in adoration or disdain – with an orange monster named Gritty wearing a Flyers jersey, and that mascot all but overshadowed internal turmoil that led to the organization parting ways with general manager Ron Hextall.

And the year the Sixers “process” started coming into tangible-result focus.

And the year the Phillies started off hot but reverted to sub-500 form.

And the year the Union offered its supporters among the more rewarding seasons in club history.

And the year the Villanova men's basketball team won a third NCAA title.

So it became evident, while reviewing the better Tweets of the Year, that many of them were sports-related. With the help of the PhillyVoice sports staff, here is a collection of the best sports tweets from this year, not ranked but broken down by category.

(Oh yeah, be sure to check back Thursday, Friday and Monday for other Tweets of the Year lists.)



Love was in the air.

Getting ready for his big speech.

Well, actually.

He’s into milk, and stabbing Charlie with a fork.

Ask and you shall receive.

Stomp, clap. Stomp stomp, clap.


Quite a shame that everybody couldn’t make it to the parade.



Whatchu talkin' 'bout, battery people?

Why sports matter.

The journalistic white whale that got away.

The one that didn’t.


The day everything changed.

Gritty is a safe-sex activist.

Nightmare fuel.

A crucial swing vote.

Bruce would approve (unless he’s a Devils fan).

Unnecessary extra ink.


What CAN’T Gritty do?


Screaming-cowboy slam!

1, 2, 345...

Even behind a mask, JoJo’s still the king of social media.

Miss you, homie.

Harsh, but fair.

Harsh, but fair (Pt. II).

Harsh, but fair (Pt. III).

The Colangelo burner-account saga was a Twitter godsend.

This didn’t age well.


Win a bunch of titles, and things change.


Meet the newest Philly mascot for about two weeks before Gritty arrived.

He gets Phang.

Tough call.


Facts only.

The stages of flopping.


Big Boy running fast!

They spelled “Nola” wrong.

Wonder what he’ll tweet after pitchers and catchers report.

Stickin’ it to IHOP.

Just one of 162.


If you ever see a hot dog thrown onto the court or ice, this thread explains how that came to be.

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