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March 22, 2017

WATCH: Atlantic City man's positive speech helps de-escalate fight between teens

NBA star LeBron James shared the viral video on social media

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Teen Brawl in AC Twitter user @DubOnDaBeatz/Twitter

A screenshot of two teenage boys in Atlantic City shaking hands after a passerby helped de-escalate a fight between them. The mediator is being applauded for stepping in and sharing his wise words with the teens and teenage spectators.

A video showing a man using some words of wisdom to help de-escalate a fight between teens on the streets of Atlantic City is circulating on social media, including on Twitter, thanks to its positive message.

The video, which was posted on Monday afternoon, begins by showing two teens fighting in the street before a crowd of teenage spectators, some of whom are filming the fight on their phones.

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The adult mediator, since identified as 27-year-old Ibn Ali, of Atlantic City, didn’t know the teens but happened to be passing by. The video shows him stepping between them and sharing an impromptu speech that leads to the two eventually shaking hands and walking away.

Ali tells the teens, among other things, that their so-called friends who are recording the fight are laughing at their expense, and he adds that their parents would be disappointed, all while referring to the two as "little brothers."