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June 09, 2020

Fantasy football: Rounding up Eagles players' projections, ADP for 2020 season

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133_11032019_EaglesvsBears_Carson_Wentz_Miles_Sanders)KateFrese.jpg Kate Frese/for PhillyVoice

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and running back Miles Sanders.

It's June, which means football is (hopefully) only a few short months away. It also means that, sometime soon, your fantasy football commissioner will be sending out an email to remind you of when your draft is, to discuss draft order or to debate potential rule changes.

For those trying to avoid being too "homer" (over-valuing home team players), we've taken a look at how some fantasy football outlets project Eagles players will perform and where they should be drafted in 2020.

For those who hate fantasy football and are only in this article to see what kind of stats your favorite players are projected to post, we've got you covered there too.

We looked at some of the most popular host sites for fantasy football including ESPN, CBS and Yahoo! (which did not have projected stats yet but did have ADP data) and here is what we found:

Carson Wentz, QB

Wentz' numbers across the board look extremely sturdy — though his inclusion as the 12th best QB in most fantasy projections is probably due to the fact that no one really has any idea what the Birds' offensive weapons will look like. Aside from Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz, it is unknown how the Eagles will use their incoming wideouts and whether they will produce. Last year Wentz became the first Eagles QB in history to throw for over 4,000 yards and did so with, well, pretty much a group of practice squad wideouts. 

These numbers may be low, but that's likely why they are not commensurate with his top 5 NFL QB potential.

Fantasy Pros3,93528/992 (QB11)
ESPN3,81327/9110 (QB12)
CBS3,86327/1062.8 (QB12)
Yahoo104 (QB12

Miles Sanders, RB

Sanders is all over the board here, ranging from the seventh RB off the board via CBS to the 15th best via ESPN. His ability to catch the ball certainly helps his draft value, as each website sees him catching somewhere around 40 footballs this season. How the backup RB job shakes out — like, if they sign Devonta Freeman — could also alter his projections as we get closer to the season starting.

Fantasy Pros1,023 YD, 6 TD435 YD, 2 TD22 (RB11)
ESPN987, 6 TD360, 2 TD30.8 (RB15)
CBS917, 4 TD542, 3 TD20.8 (RB7)
Yahoo22.2 (RB13)

DeSean Jackson, WR

We went with Jackson and Jalen Reagor at wideout as the future for Alshon Jeffery is an unknown and he didn't appear in a few of the rankings we used. 

Jackson will get four touchdowns. That sees to be agreed on. But he projects on most sites to be less productive that rookie Jalen Reagor, insinuating that most fantasy sites expect he'll spend some time on the injured list.

Fantasy Pros6414162 (WR67)
ESPN7464155 (WR55)
CBS5334156.8 (WR57)
Yahoo129.5 (WR58)

Jalen Reagor, WR

Most Eagles fans are hoping for production closer to CBS' 809 yards for the Eagles' first-round draft choice. He could potentially perform well better than a 12th round fantasy pick and has high keeper value at that slot. He is a name to watch as the season approaches.

Fantasy Pros6844181 (WR52)
ESPN6435153 (WR52) 
CBS8094131.2 (WR35)
Yahoo128 (WR 56)

Zach Ertz, TE

Somewhat surprisingly, two of the fantasy sites we looked at see Baltimore's Mark Andrews unseating Ertz for the TE3 slot. He could lost some targets and touchdown catches to teammate Dallas Goedert, who is quite talented in his own right and will be lining up beside him in 12-personnel quite a bit this coming campaign.

Fantasy Pros845737 (TE4)
ESPN823740 (TE3)
CBS1,005758.9 (TE3)
Yahoo46.8 (TE4)

Dallas Goedert, TE

As we said, Goedert looks to be draftable in 12-team leagues as a potential starting tight end. He has nine touchdowns and 941 receiving yards over his first two NFL seasons.

Fantasy Pros4904120 (TE12)
ESPN4664165 (TE19)
CBS5325118.6 (TE21)
Yahoo 128.7 (TE23)

Eagles defense/special teams

Fantasy big boards are not high on the Eagles defense, as it looks to be a unit that won't be drafted and will be usable as a streaming option in 2020.

Fantasy Pros224 (D16)
ESPN169.4 (D18)
CBS145.8 (D12)
Yahoo 141.4 (D19)

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