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March 05, 2016

Love and loathing in Philly: Best tweets about the Erin Express

Lots of people really hate the annual bar crawl

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Erin Express jbroconnor/Reddit

People celebrate outside of Cavanaugh's in University City for the Erin Express in 2014.

You can almost taste spring in the air here in Philadelphia as the calendar has turned over to March. And as always, with the changing of the season comes the annual drinking fest known as the Erin Express.

The event -- a St. Patrick's Day-themed bar crawl through the city -- splits Philly into two camps each year it rolls around: 1. Millennials/college students dressed in green and orange looking for an organized excuse to day drink and cause nonsense on what would otherwise be a peaceful Saturday afternoon 2. Residents expressing general disgust at such unashamed displays of public intoxication.

These camps manifest their feelings pretty strongly on social media. So, presented without comment, here are the best tweets from those who either love to participate or loathe the event with a passion: