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car rideshare germs

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Your Lyft or Uber ride may harbor more bacteria than you think

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Candida auris: Here's what you should know about the superbug fungus spreading worldwide


Alternative Medicine

Experts think we should drop the 'antibacterial' outlook on life

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This is the best way to avoid getting sick

Washing Hands in Sink

Children's Health

Help your child to survive cold and flu season

ER Medical Equipment for IBX CP


You (and most of the millions of holiday travelers you encounter) are washing your hands wrong

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Millions of dust mites may be lurking in your bed, according to report

Dust Mites

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Study: The dirtiest place on an airplane isn't the bathroom. So what is?

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Experiment finds bacteria, mold on and in Keurig machines


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Grow at your own risk: Microbiologist says some beards comparable to toilets

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Bad news for germaphobes

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