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Health News

Swab, spit, stay home? College COVID-19 testing plans are all over the map

Colleges COVID-19 Testing

Health News

Jimmy John's linked to E. coli outbreak – again

Jimmy Johns FDA

Health News

Despite a second coronavirus case, CDC says Americans' risk remains low


THC products the 'most prominent link' among vaping-related illnesses

THC Vaping-related Illnesses

Health News

CDC investigating 215 cases of severe respiratory disease linked to vaping

CDC investigating severe respiratory cases tied to vaping

Health News

First U.S. death caused by vaping confirmed in Illinois

vaping death lungs

Healthy Eating

Replacing some carbs with avocado might promote weight loss, study finds

Avocado on cutting board


WWE SmackDown rundown: Cesaro foreshadowing his own Money in the Bank win?



Report: Starbucks sued for $5 million over amount of ice in cold drinks


Report: Prince treated for drug overdose six days before death

College Football

WATCH: PSU quarterback Hackenberg drills ref in head with pass

Higher Education

Illinois student chooses Penn out of 26 college acceptances


Crime and Courts

Sister of alleged Hastert sexual abuse victim speaks out

Health News

Mom detects son's eye cancer with cellphone photos


WWE SmackDown rundown: Reigns and Ambrose push back against The Authority


Burger King

Burger King surprises Burger-King couple with free wedding


College Basketball

Illinois State athletic staffers among 7 dead in plane crash

College Basketball

12-year-old bracket winner denied $20,000 prize from ESPN


Crime and Courts

Ex-U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. to be released from prison