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April 25, 2017

Chris Christie gives Trump's first 100 days a letter grade

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie thinks President Donald Trump's first 100 days are going pretty well – though there's some room for improvement.

Christie gave Trump a "B" letter grade when asked to rate how the president is doing on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper" on Monday evening.

"I would say the reason I give him a 'B' is first and foremost because of Neil Gorsuch and I think getting that done and getting it done in the way that he did with someone with Gorsuch's integrity and his record is going to be something that will well survive his presidency no matter how many years he serves," Christie said.

Christie, whom New Jersey voters gave an "F" for his own job performance, also praised Trump's quickness in signing a number of executive orders, including the travel ban. Christie's complaints were mainly with Trump's staff and the inability to pass a GOP-led health care bill.

"I know they're working hard at it," he said. "He's got a lot of really good people there who are working very hard, but you know, the American people and the 100-day mark is one of those things, no matter whether if you think it's real or artificial, is a historical marker for a long time people start to judge you."

Trump and other GOP leaders introduced a health care plan earlier this year that was pulled before reaching a House vote out of fear that it would not pass.

Christie and Trump also met in late March to talk about the possibility of the New Jersey governor leading an opioid addiction commission. 

Trump will mark 100 days in office with a rally in Harrisburg on Saturday. The president will be skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner for the event.

Hear Christie's comments on CNN below.