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January 24, 2020

Eagles' Lane Johnson, Chris Long liken Philly Super Bowl parade to 'opposite of Call of Duty'

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Long Johnson Pod Chalk Media /YouTube

Retired Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long had current right tackle Lane Johnson on his "Green Light" podcast to discuss a range of Eagles- and NFL-related topics.

Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson was selected to his third straight Pro Bowl and recently signed a five-year contract extension, making him a long-term fixture in Philadelphia.

Johnson has always been an entertaining interview subject, whether it's jawing with rivals, defending teammates or shooting the breeze with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This week, Johnson appeared on former Eagles defensive end Chris Long's "Green Light" podcast, part of his new Chalk Media network.

Having won a Super Bowl together, Long and Johnson (one of the great Eagles name pairings) possess a treasure trove of locker room stories and memories. From friendships to workout dynamics, "Right Tackle Awareness," digging graves, going bald, and certain topics of the day in the NFL, the podcast is an hour well spent for any Eagles fan.

One of the best segments of the interview comes toward the end, when Johnson and Long reminisce about the Super Bowl parade in 2018. The video game comparison comes in a bit after the 58 minute mark.

"I just remember looking everywhere and it was like 'Call of Duty,'" Johnson said. "There's just people everywhere. There's f******* people in trees. There's people in buildings. There's people coming out of the windows. People coming out of the damn sewers. There's people everywhere."

"But unlike 'Call of Duty,' they like you," Long pointed out.

"Yeah, they want to be your friend. They're not trying to kill you," Johnson said. "They want to be your friend, so it's the opposite — 'Call of Friendship.'"

You get the distinct sense that could only have come from the underrated mind of Lane Johnson. 

While Johnson's late-season ankle injury may keep him out of Sunday's Pro Bowl, it's a good thing he stopped in Virginia to pay Long a visit.