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Health Care Costs

Health Insurance

Don’t count on lower premiums despite pandemic-driven boon for insurers

Health Insurance Premiums 2021

Health Insurance

Here's what major health insurers are covering for COVID-19 patients

Here's what you need to know about the cost of your COVID-19 medical care

Health Insurance

What happens when a health plan has no limits? An acupuncturist earns $677 a session

Health Plan No Limits

Health News

Analysis: How your beloved hospital helps to drive up health care costs

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Health News

To save money, American patients and surgeons meet in Cancun

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Health Insurance

State-run exchange will mean cheaper health insurance for many Pennsylvanians, Wolf says

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Health care price transparency: Fool's gold, or real money in your pocket?

EOB Health Care 06252019

Health Insurance

About 1 in 6 emergency room visits result in a 'surprise bill'


Health News

Summer bummer: A young camper’s $142,938 snakebite

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Healthcare 101: In-network vs. out-of-network

Cut out of family healthcare

Senior Health

In 10 years, half of middle-income elders won’t be able to afford housing, medical care


Health Insurance

High prices make U.S. the biggest health care spender among developed countries


Health Stories

No cash. No heart. Transplant centers require proof of payment

Women's Health

With hospitals charging $32,093 to deliver a baby in the U.S., you should know what's in the bill

baby feet pexels

Health News

A new study predicts global insulin shortage by 2030, leaving 40 million diabetics without


Health Insurance

IBX, Rothman enter five-year partnership to help patients save on health procedures

IBX Headquarters

Health Care Costs

Ambulances stick patients with surprise bills

Health Care Costs

A hospital charged $1,877 to pierce a 5-year-old’s ears. This is why health care costs so much


Trump cuts to drive up Obamacare premiums in Pennsylvania by 30 percent

Health Care

Why one California county went surgery shopping

Health Care Costs

Too few patients follow the adage: You better shop around


Study: Pennsylvania’s health care is better than that of most U.S. states


The four Philly-area school districts where teachers pay no health premiums


University of Pennsylvania study finds frustration in figuring out the cost of X-rays at hospitals

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