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Sleep Deprivation


Can coffee or a nap make up for sleep deprivation?

Sleep Deprivation Coffee

Adult Health

Hot weather makes falling asleep more difficult, but these tips lead to more ZZZ's

Sleep Summer Hot Weather

Adult Health

Having a hard time falling back asleep at night? Don't watch the clock

Insomnia Sleep Tips

Children's Health

School start times, screen time late in the evening exacerbate sleep deprivation in teens

Teen sleep deprivation


YouTube is more disruptive to teen sleep than other popular apps, researchers say

Youtube teen sleep


Struggling to wake up in the morning? Sleep inertia may be to blame

Sleep Inertia Waking Up

Adult Health

Regular marijuana use may harm sleep quality, new study finds

Marijuana use and sleep

Adult Health

A good night's sleep can be elusive for many people with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes and sleep disorders


Recovering from sleep deprivation is no quick fix

Sleep deprivation recovery

Adult Health

Just three nights of little sleep can negatively affect your health, data shows

Sleep deprivation and our health

Adult Health

Rough night sleeping? New research suggests your morning cup of coffee doesn't help as much as you think

Caffeine and sleep deprivation


Adults who sleep less than six hours a night are at higher risk for dementia

Sleep Alzheimer's

Men's Health

In a busy world, sleep sits at the epicenter of health and happiness

Better Sleep tips

Adult Health

Not getting enough REM sleep may shorten your life

REM sleep mortality rate

Adult Health

Hoping to sleep better? Researchers debunk common myths

How to get better sleep

Adult Health

Turns out, you can't actually catch up on sleep, according to this study

weekend sleep unsplash


This is how much sleep parents lose after having a kid

parenting sleep unsplash


Experiencing regular pain? Improving sleep quality could provide relief, study suggests

Woman sleeping in bed

Adult Health

Think twice about reaching for this all-natural sleep aid supplement

sleep unsplash

Adult Health

Excessive sleepiness during the day could be a warning sign of Alzheimer's

Sleep Stock Photo


Study: If you’re not getting enough sleep, expect a thicker waistline


Philadelphia ranks high for smoking, binge drinking and other unhealthy behaviors


Here's how sleep deprivation harms your body

Tired women on the train

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