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Trauma counseling will be offered at Philly rec centers in areas prone to gun violence

Rec center trauma theray

Men's Health

Post-traumatic growth proves people often adopt healthy lifestyles despite adversity

Post Traumatic Growth

Mental Health

Philadelphia expands grief counseling program for children of overdose victims

Philly Bereavement Counseling

Social Media

TikTok moderator sues social media giant over trauma from graphic videos

TikTok Lawsuit Moderator

Mental Health

The psychological toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit mental health providers hard, too

Mental health COVID-19

Adult Health

How rape affects memory, and why police need to know about that brain science

Rape Memory Brain

Mental Health

CHOP to provide mental health services to Girard College students

Girard College Philly

Mental Health

Providing exposure therapy to PTSD patients is one of the latest ways VR is being used in health care

Virtual Reality Treatment For PTSD

Children's Health

Childhood trauma may lead to early puberty and changes in brain structure

Childhood abuse early aging

Mental Health

PTSD symptoms common in first year after a traumatic injury

PTSD symptoms common in first year after trauma

Mental Health

PTSD symptoms may take years to appear – here's how to recognize them

PTSD Symptoms Treatment

Children's Health

Childhood trauma leads to poorer health as adults, CDC analysis finds

Children's Health

Common household objects, sports linked to non-fatal traumatic brain injuries in children, study finds

0729_Baby table

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New Jersey 'Patient Protection Act' sparks battle between Philly and Jersey health systems

Carroll - Ambulance


How traumatic injury has become a health care crisis


Health News

Making a 'to do' list for trauma doctors

Drexel University Trauma Checklist Tablet 05062019


Childhood trauma may lead to depression in adults, Penn study finds

depression pexels


Biden and Lady Gaga will create trauma centers for sexual assault victims

Women's Health

Penn study finds teen trauma raises depression risk in menopause


Community hospitals play key role in trauma care


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