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March 31, 2015

ICYMI in March: Grading the trades, Truvada whores and debunking the myth of the millennial voter

15 regional PhillyVoice stories that matter

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ICYMI March File Art / AP / Bryan Woolston/ Thom Carroll /for PhillyVoice

Here are 15 PhillyVoice stories from March that you need to know.

We get it. You're busy. Between waiting for spring flowers to blossom and cheering on your favorite college basketball teams during March Madness, it's easy to neglect the news. PhillyVoice compiled some of our most powerful March articles for you to peruse at your leisure in case you missed them. We went to Camden, New Jersey, to check in on a program designed to offer prostitutes better lives, and reported on a heroin problem that is claiming lives. We spoke to a local food blogger about a trendy powdered green tea she's blending into sweet drinks and savory dishes. Rich Hofmann weighed in on the Sixers trades, while Angelo Cataldi expressed his dismay at Hinkie's decisions. Be sure to read these PhillyVoice stories to sound smart at a cocktail party or the water cooler. 

A South Jersey man's journey from pills to heroin

Street Car of Desire
Bryan Woolston/ 

For Joseph Miller, the suburban RiverLine is his lifeline. Miller is part of a growing epidemic in South Jersey's river wards that have been ravaged by opioid addiction. In the last decade, suburban Riverside and its neighbors have seen a dramatic rise in not only the number of addicts, but in opioid-related overdoses and deaths, and drug-related crimes.

Daughters of three former Philly stars carry on family athletic tradition

Chris Therien, Mitch Williams and Jon Runyan share a different bond these days. Each of their daughters star on their own high school basketball teams and play within 15 miles of one another in South Jersey.

Talking with my 3-year-old about death

Children trust us to speak honestly, openly and kindly about the world. When it comes to speaking about death, this isn’t easy. PhillyVoice contributor Amy Wright Glenn shares the importance of approaching the subject of death with dialogue that is age-appropriate for young children. 

On Camden streets, trying to sell prostitutes on a new life

Photo by Thom Carroll/

Policing philosophies toward prostitution have evolved to a point where many municipalities have adopted diversionary programs in hopes of mitigating the problem. 

Philly lets 'dangerous dogs' lie

Pennsylvania law requires dogs that have been declared legally dangerous to be placed on a public registry listing the dog’s owner, address, breed and name. A state registry shows 37 such animals in Philly suburbs, but none in the city.

By Design: 11 makers, mavens and models shaping Philly style

Keeping up appearances takes real work. Meet 11 style visionaries who are working hard to bring the designs and ideas inspired by the City of Brotherly Love to a global arena. They dress, cut and sew, walk glamorously down the runway, shove us into better shoes and show us how to put our best face forward. 

Grading the trades: Sixers ship out MCW and McDaniels at buzzer of crazy trade deadline

Rich Hofmann broke down each of the Sixers trades and handed out grades. 

The myth of the mayoral Millennial voter

For all the excitement about their impact on Philly's mayoral election, data shows they barely vote.

'Truvada Whore': taking the sting out of stigma

Truvada Whore
The head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation calls it a "party drug"; a reporter for Huffington Post poses it as a drug for "whores"; users of it, meanwhile, are owning their "Truvada whore" label. They've fashioned it into a tee-shirt design and hashtag, even. To say the messages are mixed is an understatement. Clearing through the fog, the question at hand is this: What is this controversial drug? What is a "Truvada whore"?

Here's how the Eagles are going to get Marcus Mariota

Despite the Eagles’ trade for quarterback Sam Bradford, Jimmy Kempski explained just how the Eagles were still going to trade to move up to draft Marcus Mariota. 

All about matcha, with Teaspoons & Petals writer Alexis Siemons


With the recent rise of tea culture in our coffee-obsessed country, matcha has emerged as a food media darling. The powdered green tea at the heart of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony has a unique flavor, a vibrant green hue and health benefits to boot. We asked local tea expert and consultant Alexis Siemons, founder of the blog Teaspoons & Petals, to explain why we should all be drinking (and cooking with) matcha. She also shared two recipes that are perfect for spring.

Hit a pothole on the right street, and city may help fix your car

Philadelphia, be warned. We are heading into pothole season. And which pothole chews up your tire can make all the difference on whether the city will help pay for your repairs. Strike a pothole on a city-controlled street and Philadelphia may pay for some of the damage. From July 2013 through June 2014, the city saw 154 damage claims - settling 41 of them, denying 86 others, with the balance still pending. 

Inside Philadelphia's knitting circle

Nancy Nagle
Thom Carroll/
Meet the shop owners, artists & instructors keeping the craft alive

Which Sweet 16 team should Philadelphians be rooting for now that Villanova is out?

With No. 1-seed Villanova’s early exit from the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Matt Mullin looked at ever player on every one of the Sweet 16’s rosters to determine which bandwagon Philadelphians should jump on for the remainder of March Madness. 

I have no idea what Sam Hinkie is doing – and neither does he

PhillyVoice contributor Angelo Cataldi was not the biggest fan of Sam Hinkie from the start, but the Sixers GM’s moves at the trading deadline sealed the deal for Cataldi.